Sio Bak (Roast Pork Belly)

Do you know how to cook meat? Then you would enjoy this how to cook Sio Bak. This is somehow different from cooking pork ribs or making a pork roast. A great Chinese formula that has a delicate taste. Sio bak, or 烤肉 in ...Read More

Chicken/Beef Rice Ball Recipe

This is a quick one. You needn’t do much for the ingredients or needed too much of it. Beef or chicken with rice will do the trick. Ingredients: Boiled rice  around 2 cup Boiled beef or chicken – 1 cup Shrimp slice – 3 ...Read More

Roasted Beef MeatBall Recipe

Ingredients: Oil Beef (small piece) – ½ kg Carrot paste -1/2 cup Onion paste – 1 tb spoon Red Chili paste -1/2 tb spoon Coriander paste -1/2 tb spoon Ginger paste – 1 tb spoon Garlic paste – 1 tb spoon Cumin seed paste ...Read More